Kind met recht combines:
Expertise and experience in the field of children’s rights.
Extensive experience in decision-making on collaboration and organisational development.
A vast network of involved organisations and individual decision-makers.

Kind met recht offers a wide variety of services.

Advice & Innovation
Strategic analyses.
Advice on vision, mission and strategy.
Advice on networks, processes and decision-making.
Advice on collaboration and organisational development.
Acquisition of partners and funding.
Providing information to target audiences and decision-makers.
Support and advice in implementation.
Research & Analysis
Initiation, preparation, and execution of prominent research in the field of children’s rights.
Formation of a research organisation.
Result analysis and development of recommendations.
Follow-up on study results.
Making connections, building a platform.
Youth participation.
Lobbying, influencing policies.
Diverse approaches.
Education, building and strengthening expertise.
Specialized services with the right timing for social opportunities.
Consideration of the organisational aspect.