Kind met recht is an initiative of Karin Kloosterboer LLM and Arnout Esser CMC. It was founded on 20 November, 2007 (the Universal Children’s Rights Day and the 18th birthday of the CRC) from the necessity to make a meaningful contribution to the improvement of the position of rights, particularly of vulnerable groups of children.


karin_kloosterboerKarin Kloosterboer (1962) has studied law and has extensive experience in the broad field of children’s rights. Karin has occupied a wide variety of positions focussing on consultancy, advocacy, research and communication with regard to children’s rights. She has worked as a coordinator at the first Children’s Legal Centre (Kinderrechtswinkel) in the Netherlands and as a children’s rights specialist at the Council for Youth Policy (Raad voor het Jeugdbeleid), Defence for Children and UNICEF Netherlands. Karin often works together with others, has an extensive network and advises a wide variety of organisations and individuals on children’s rights. In addition, Karin has extensive experience in public speaking, organizing children’s rights events and publishing. Youth participation is a leading factor in all of her efforts and her motto is therefore: “Don’t just talk about children, talk to children”. Karin does not only have a lot of good ideas, she is able to convert them into successful projects.


IMG_83262Arnout Esser (1955) has been advising experienced managers and directors on organisational developments. He specializes in connecting people and subjects through his strategic insight in complex organisational change processes. His focus is on resolute and decisive cooperation. Furthermore, Arnout coaches managers and directors during changes in their organisations. His methods are considered not only adept, skilful, clarifying and balanced, but also unconventional and refreshing. In addition to Kind met recht, Arnout also has his own consulting practice Esser Management Consult.